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The Void Changelog

3.1 - 2024-04-06

  • Add search component with Pagefind
  • Add “@keystatic/core” as dep in package.json to fix pnpm install issue
    • pnpm does not auto install peer dependencies
  • Add “rel” and “target” optional props to the <Button /> component to remove typescript errors
  • Update to Astro 4.5.16
  • Update other dependencies

3.0 - 2024-03-05

  • Add Keystatic CMS integration for blog posts, authors, and other pages content collections
    • This adds a great interface with rich text editor for easy content editing
    • This is largely in addition to the existing MDX blog setup, and you can still just use the MDX blog if you prefer
      • Blog folder structure is unchanged
  • Fix ExternalLink.astro component for blog and other MDX pages
    • This makes it so markdown links that go outside your website automatically open in a new tab
  • Rename NewsletterCta.astro component to Newsletter.astro for consistency across themes
  • Update to Astro 4.4.11
  • Update other dependencies

2.1 - 2024-02-16

  • Revamped scroll animations
    • New animations, improved performance, and reduced bundle size
    • See the animations documentation for more information
    • If you need assistance upgrading, send us a message for support
  • Improved TableOfContents.astro components
    • Now with better highlighting and scroll margin top
  • Update to Astro 4.4.0
  • Update other dependencies

2.0 - 2024-01-17

  • Add scroll based animations throughout the site. These are enabled by default
    • They can be disabled by setting useAnimations = false in src/config/siteData.json.ts
  • Add cookie banner component, for use with GA4 or other cookie based analytics
    • Cookie banner is disabled by default. To enable it, uncomment the CookieBanner component in src/layouts/BaseLayout.astro
  • All components now use class instead of classes prop for any extra classes to pass to the component
  • Update to Astro 4.1.3
  • Update other dependencies

1.0 - 2023-12-25

  • Initial release