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Some of the themes may contain images that are not included in the download. When the themes contain images, they are sourced from a variety of open source locations such as:

In other cases, they are AI generated images. You are free to use these in your own designs with the same license as the theme.


All the templates use icons from Iconify, and mostly use a subset of them Tabler Icons, a comprehensive collection of over 4750 icons. These icons are visually appealing, free to use, and open-source.

Other icons that may be in use are from Free Icons.


Certain templates may or may not contain proprietary fonts, which are externally linked from a content delivery network (CDN) and not packaged with the template. These fonts are primarily intended for visual enhancements.

Other fonts used are open source from Fontsource under the SIL Open Font License, v1.1.