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A stunning SaaS theme for Astro to introduce your next startup

Key Features

  • Over 50 components
  • 3 Pre-designed Landing Pages
  • Light and Dark versions
  • Login, Signup, and Contact Forms
  • Flexible Layout
  • MDX Blog
  • SEO with JsonLD Schema
  • Custom scroll-based animations
  • View Transitions Enabled
  • Support
  • All Future Updates
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Get all existing themes, all new themes, and all future updates. All for a one-time payment. No subscriptions.


Theme Version:2.2
Astro Version:4.3.6
Published:Oct 28, 2023
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2024
  • astrojs/mdx
  • astrojs/tailwindcss
  • astrojs/rss
  • astrojs/sitemap
  • astro-auto-import
  • astro-compress
  • astro-icon
  • astro-seo
  • tailwindcss/forms
  • tailwindcss/typography

Save weeks of time and get a SaaS landing page and blog running in a snap.

Galaxy is the perfect way to introduce your new idea to the world. Galaxy features a modern design and sections that you would want. It’s designed to convert visitors into customers. It also has a built in markdown / mdx blog so you can connect with your audience and write some sweet SEO articles. Built with Astro and Tailwind CSS.

light mode example

Plus tons of features to make your life easy:

  • Easy-to-use, with data and config files for important items on the website. You don’t have to go digging through thousands of lines of code to change the site title.
  • Over 50 components. Including 8 feature sections, 3 hero sections, 3 pricing sections, 2 testimonial sections, 2 faq sections, 2 logo clouds, login, signup, 404, contact, legal, blog index, cookie banner, and 2 blog post layouts.
  • Built-in image optimization with Astro.
  • Built-in MDX blog with markdown frontmatter validation, and multiple author support.
  • Scroll-based animations that are easily customizable, or can be disabled with a one-line config change.
  • Boring SEO stuff like OG tags, Twitter cards, and other metadata - already taken care of.
  • View transitions enabled, with a one-line config change to disable.
  • Responsive - it’s 2024, of course it’s responsive.


CTA and footer

Blog and cookies