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Landing Pad - Free

A Free theme to house your links and socials, with TinaCMS integration for easy editing

Key Features

  • Easily host your links and socials
  • Editing with TinaCMS or
  • Editing in Markdown
  • SEO tags
  • Responsive
  • It's free
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Theme Version:1.1
Astro Version:4.1.2
Published:Jan 2, 2024
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2024
  • tinacms
  • astrojs/tailwindcss
  • astrojs/sitemap
  • astro-compress
  • astro-icon
  • astro-seo
  • tailwindcss/typography

You deserve better than Linktree.

Landing Pad is the perfect way to share your projects and socials with one website - great for use on social media sites.

This theme has it all:

  • Super fast with perfect lighthouse scores
  • Easy to edit with TinaCMS, or in Markdown
    • Bio, links, and socials
    • Configure light or dark theme, blurred background, and background image
  • Built-in image optimization with Astro:assets
  • Full code so you can change anything else desired (colors, fonts, etc.)

light mode example

dark mode example

TinaCMS editing