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Content Editing

All of the themes by Cosmic Themes are designed to be easily customizable.

A lot of the copy (text) used in various sections of the site is contained in JSON files under src/config/. Other content is contained within Astro content collections, such as blog posts. The third place to edit data is within the individual components / sections under src/components/.

Data Config Files

All themes have configuration files for you to edit a lot of the site data. These can be found under ./src/config/. Common ones include:

  • ./src/config/siteData.json.ts - Site title, description, and other metadata
  • ./src/config/navData.json.ts - Navigation links used in the site navbar
  • ./src/config/testimonialData.json.ts - Information for site testimonials

Testimonial Updates Demo

Content Collections

Many of the pages on the site are built using content collections. These are located under ./src/content/. There is a config.ts file that contains the required and optional frontmatter information for each collection, and a folder with the same name as each collection that contains the individual content items.

Within each collection folder, for example src/content/blog/, you can either have .md or .mdx files, where the name becomes the route. For example, src/content/blog/ would become /blog/my-blog-post.

For organizational purposes, you can also opt to have them within folders. Such as src/content/blog/my-blog-post/ would become /blog/my-blog-post. This allows you to hold all post images and such within that same my-blog-post folder, and easily relatively reference them within the markdown posts.

NOTE: it might not always be at /blog/, that is dependend on how the theme is configured in the src/pages/ directory.


For robots like Google to see the correct sitemap, edit the public/robots.txt file to use your website domain.